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Database Administrator

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Closure Date:

30 June 2023

Date Posted:

05 May 2023

Hiring Manager:

Lena Scharrenberg


From CDS Germany we are looking for a DBA, please, read the following description and contact us for any question.

The job is located in Cologne and the workplace type is onsite. 

Technical profile description:

As a database admin, you are an expert in databases and are responsible for the installation, maintenance and monitoring of the relevant systems. For example, when setting up a new system, you take on the task of providing the system with the necessary packages. In addition, you look after the databases at our end customer and specify almost all corrections for the respective databases. In the given customer environment, MySQL databases and Microsoft SQL Server are currently used.

Functions and tasks 

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer science, science/technology or related professions, or completed vocational training in the IT sector with relevant professional experience
• Sound knowledge of database management systems such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and Oracle.
• Experience in configuring and monitoring database systems for high availability and performance.
• Ability to back up and restore databases, including using backup and disaster recovery methods.
• Experience in optimizing database performance, including using monitoring and analysis tools.
• In-depth knowledge of SQL programming, including the use of stored procedures, triggers and views.
• Experience in managing user and security accounts, including monitoring access rights.
• Ability to troubleshoot and troubleshoot database systems, including monitoring error messages and system logs.
• Certifications such as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) or Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA) are beneficial.
• Readiness for a security clearance

Other needs:

• Structured, process-oriented and independent way of working
• Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
• Very good knowledge of spoken and written German and good knowledge of English

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